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So most of the information below has changed

We had to stop the print publication due to not enough subscribers, however, we are still asking for your help. We will still honor the FREE Club News in both the digital edition and the website if we get enough contributors. We will determine which clubs to promote as we get more monthly contributors. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a beautifully designed article each month as well as the same article on our website? We catch our readers through multiple channels. So…make your contribution here today! Thank you for helping us share quality editorial with the horse community!

Could Your Club Use This?

What if you spent just $5.00 per month (Less than a Starbucks), get your regional magazine delivered to your door each month and help your club at the same time? Why not? I know this has always been available free to the public but times have changed. Some stores are closing, COVID 19 so more people are home, less ad revenue and increased production costs. So we’re stepping up and offering more ideas to keep information flowing in a central place for all horse owners. Quality journalism is still important and celebrating accomplishments of our regional horsemen and women is something we will continue doing. 

We’re adding a youth column, a trainer profile column and more news from local organizations. My goal is to inspire and educate readers and viewers like you to get the most out of your experience with horses and connect you with resources in the area. I am open to ideas and suggestions and look forward to working with clubs that have very little marketing budget if any. Information in the horse world is scattered and there are so many places to search for information, it’s hard to know where to go. We are gathering information in one place that has the connection you need to the horse world in the Northwest. We’ll add more columns and resources as subscriptions grow so help us make the leap to continue offering these services and more!

When we get the 2200 subscribers at the end of the month we will continue distributing to our current locations so those that can’t afford the magazine can still pick it up. This helps the advertisers too! We’re grateful for the stores that generously put this magazine out every month for our readers to pick up. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can connect with me via our contact form.

Karen Pickering, Publisher
The Northwest Horse Source Magazine and Website


Become a subscriber and support horse owners, businesses, and organizations in the Northwest. The Northwest Horse Source Magazine connects you with the resources you need as a successful horse owner.

The NW Horse Source wants to promote and support the equine community. Here’s what we’ll do:

Feature your club with a full-page promotional article in the Northwest Horse Source Magazine each month*. Your article will be seen 3 different ways:

  • In print
  • In digital flipbook
  • As an article post on our website

What better way to share what’s happening with your organization than getting your news out to over 500 locations each month, a magazine to paid subscribers, and over 10,000 views each month on our website?

We are offering this space free to the five clubs with the most subscribers. Just have your members sign up on this link: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/WCMFUM5/Subscribe

Please share this graphic and the sign-up link on your Facebook page and to your membership. https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/WCMFUM5/Subscribe


We will be making a determination whether or not to continue with the print edition December 31st 2020. We need 2200 subscribers.

When your club members subscribe to home delivery of The Northwest Horse Source magazine, they also get exclusive NWHS membership benefits:

  • Access to exclusive content
  • Print magazine subscription delivered to your home
  • Quarterly prize drawing from our sponsors
  • Access to our panel of experts
  • Member only events including webinars and interviews

Thank you for helping us keep this community resource available to our readers and viewers! We’re blessed to have 25 years in the horse industry!

Karen Pickering, Publisher
The Northwest Horse Source

We’re counting down to December 31st. We need 2200 Subscribers to keep the print magazine going. As of today we have 105 so we need just a bit more! 

*for 12 month period.

Thank you for supporting the businesses that support The Northwest Horse Source

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