Wild Horses for one dollar and transport assistance creates value for trainers

After more than three adoption attempts for every horse available at the USDA Forest Service Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals and 30 days or more of being offered for sale with limitations at $25, all Devil’s Garden Horses remaining available through the Forest Service are one dollar beginning Feb. 9, 2021.
This decision is meant to encourage trainers to help find homes for horses by leaving them as much value as possible. “We hope this will help find good homes for our horses by encouraging trainers to purchase and start training Devil’s Garden Horses for people who are not able to take on training by themselves, then sell them for a profit,” said Forest Supervisor Chris Christofferson.
All limitations still apply, including space, fencing and shelter requirements, as well as signing a statement saying horses will not be processed for commercial products.
Of the 375 horses gathered in 2020 from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory and kept at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals, approximately 200 have already been selected for placement into new homes.
The Modoc National Forest Wild Horse Program is also working with partners to put together and fund transport loads to centralized pickup locations. Space is limited. Planning for potential remote pickup locations includes Montana, Utah, Florida, Vermont, Washington and Missouri. If you are interested in one of these possible pickup locations, please say so on your application.
No one is guaranteed transport assistance or participation in shared loads. There are many variables as different places have different needs and capabilities that dictate the makeup of each transport load, such as facility size, personnel capabilities, horse ages, etc.
“For example, if we have a load of 15 horses for 10 different adopters, the likely hood of the horses being grouped into a compartment by adopter is not very likely,” said Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Manager Charlea Johnston. “Then we also need to know that the facilities and people operating them can safely sort the horses into those particular groups upon arrival. If not, our load is going to be limited based on the facility and personnel capabilities.”
More information about sale with limitations is available in the request for purchase form. Anyone who would like to adopt or purchase Devil’s Garden Horses should fill out the appropriate form found at https://go.usa.gov/xQ3r3 and return it to SM.FS.modoc_info@usda.gov.

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