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Why Cross-tie Young Horse 24/7?

Why Cross-tie Young Horse 24/7?
Al Dunning



Hi Al,

I know quite a bit about horses but not training young ones. Twice I have seen people cross-tie a young horse under a year old and just leave it tied 24 / 7. One of them (for sure) was a colt, the other I don’t know.

What is the purpose for doing this?

Kalamazoo, Mi.
(former Chef Center volunteer)



Hi Stu,

Thanks for your question. All I can say is that that is not acceptable, humane training practice. Horses should be treated with dignity and respect at all times. I am not advocating spoiling them but to train and treat them fairly. Tying them up for very long periods of time, is not a practice I would ever agree with.

Ride well and be happy,


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