What others think of NWHS

What others think of NWHS
My feed store In Anchorage Alaska has this free magazine which I rarely read. In the last episode with the cover story, regenerative laser therapy, I brought it home. I I am so impressed with the quality and the belief in healthy mind and body of horse and rider. I am so thankful a publication is highlighting these important issues. What looks best for us is not always what’s best for the horse. Thank you again for bringing these beliefs to light! 😄read more
Francine Reuter
Francine R.
Very helpful information. Web page is nicely laid out and easy to read. Photos are helpful too. I like the info provided on small farms and farms along salmon spawning creeks. We haul our manure to local farmers.. do you have a list of places where folks can drop off and pick up manure?read more
skittle Cat
skittle C.
Love reading the magazine. Beautiful images and interesting articles.
Dalesmy Gonzalez
Dalesmy G.
The Northwest Horse Source magazine has fun topics for all hose owners. I make sure I get my copy every month. I love reading it cover to cover. I even enjoy the ads because they let me know who to call when I need something horsey, whether training or equipment. We horse people love everything horsey, and this magazine is fun cover to more
Sue Weaver
Sue W.
Love sharing the NWHS Magazine with everyone! Thanks for all the years of reading and advertising with us!read more
Karen Pickering -The Northwest Horse Source
Karen Pickering -The Northwest Horse S.
We find NWHS a magazine with current content information and articles that pertain to this area's farm and equine community. Well written articles on equine body and energy. Open minds, opens hearts. Thank you NWHS. And as an advertiser, you bend over backwards to make us keep coming more
Cal Nyuli at Science Pure
Cal Nyuli at Science P.
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