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“I can’t wait for the next time”! A phrase that’s like a sound of music to an expo event committee.

Idaho Horse Expo
Personal Ponies of Idaho, Donnis Mager

An equine expo should be a highlight of equine greatness and an event everyone can enjoy. It’s a place to bring your best game, show off your best equines, products and be entertained as well. A place to educate and teach, but also to show folks what fun one can have with their equines and introduce non horse folks to the wonderful world of horses.

The Idaho Horse Expo (IHE) is adding new excitement to its tradition of excellence! This show now in it’s 33rd year,  builds on tradition and sports a few new faces, new ideas and an array of presentations, including two energetic, unique and enjoyable evening programs. The event will feature the Breed Challenge with witty interactions Friday evening and Saturday adds a lively and entertaining musical program, also featuring The Runaway Hamsters, aka TRHibe, a sibling country group, with roots in Idaho and performances from LA to Nashville.

April 12-14, 2019 Schedule Now Available! To Download or Print Click Here

Idaho Horse Expo
Morgan Wagner with Endo

IHE is also excited to have “Endo The Blind” and his owner/trainer Morgan Wagner. Watch as Endo, who lost both eyes to Equine Recurrent Uveitis, and Wagner demonstrate amazing trust as they navigate obstacles and perform at

Geared not just for horse owners, the IHE aims to introduce the “horse lover at heart” to what horses can do, which events they partake in, the difference between the various breeds and of course, to allow folks to interact with the amazing stallions and other equines. Attendees can also see the horses in action as they compete in various events like the always challenging Supreme Cowboy Race. New this year will be an Equestrian Trail Sport competition and a fast-paced Drill Team competition. These are just some of the activities and competitions that promise to win every ones heart over.

Idaho Horse Expo
Dana Lovell

Expo excitement continues with great vendors with unique and great deals sure to invite folks to “shop til you drop”. The always popular Kids Corral, hosted by the Carousel Equine Club, offers tons of fun for the kids with lots of interactive contests. Have your picture taken with the cutest Miniature Horses, participate in the Stick Horse Races, and paint the horse of your dreams at the Breyer StableMate painting table. Be awed at the Rhinestone Roper Show, where kids and adults are invited to show off their skills on the Robo Roper and to braid their own ropes. Visit with Idaho’s Rodeo Royalty, featuring Miss Rodeo Idaho and members of other rodeo royalty courts and join the Easter Egg Hunt. This is just a hint of the fun that awaits.

Idaho Horse Expo
Les Vogt

Headlining the clinicians list are Les Vogt, NRCHA Hall of Fame, Steve Rother – Horse Teacher and Nadine Schwartsman USDF Gold Metallist. As of press time, IHE proudly features local talents, Butch Mowdy, Shelby Rosholt and Dana Lovell. Many other disciplines will be shown and speakers will be presenting a variety of topics in the seminar area, like Susan Dudasik and attorney Stephanie Griffey and Idaho Equine Hospital, who have donated their talents and time. They all have proven that they will be great additions to a show that will not disappoint.

Putting on an equine expo requires lots of planning and sometimes, a few tribulations too. What will spectators enjoy? Which act will be applauded the loudest? Will the Evening Program go off without a hitch? Are we on the right track with which venue will be best….

April 12-14, 2019 Schedule Now Available! To Download or Print Click Here

Of course there’s always the challenge of which arena for what topic, and one can’t, no matter how much one tries, please everyone, especially when two favorite people or topics are competing for audiences at the same time, or too early or late in the day. Yes, planning the schedule is, in most cases, the most wearisome part of an expo.

Idaho Horse ExpoOne needs to pay tribute to all that goes into the planning and execution of any event, but an equine expo has additional challenges and technicalities, from venue planning and sponsors for the specialty acts, to finding arena panels, bedding, food and vendors, and speakers that will capture an audience. Even picking a web and graphic designer with horse suaveness and knowledge is vital to making sure all is properly placed. And, don’t forget the endless hours donated by the dedicated volunteers who took days off from work to help make the event a success.

The Idaho Horse Expo (IHE) is proudly produced by the Idaho Horse Council which uses the proceeds to help conduct business throughout the year, help with legislative process, assist in the Idaho horse community and lots of diverse ways therein. Every dollar of the proceeds go to the Idaho Horse Council, only a small reserve is held for future Idaho Horse Expos.

One needs to ponder, there are many smaller expos on the verge of disappearing. No matter where you live, please consider supporting your local, smaller horse expos. They might not offer all of what the larger ones do, but, they are your equine communities heartbeat. Your support is needed to bring a good clinician closer to you and provides folks, especially the youth, with a chance to rub elbows with one of their mentors or idols.

It’s fun seeing old friends and riding pals, meeting new folks, learning new skills or just socialize. Also, buy some fun goodies from the vendors. Most have traveled a long distance, investing in the event. They often worry about selling enough to afford hotel rooms, booth rent, or even the fuel to return home.

Yes, our small equine expos are important to the local equine community and deserve your support. We always say, “If you can change one thing for the better in your horses life, we have succeeded.”

Updates on the Idaho Horse Expo (IHE) can be found at www.idahohorseexpo.com or even better, like the www.facebook.com/idahohorseexpo site to stay on top of give-a-ways that will soon be posted.

April 12-14, 2019 Schedule Now Available! To Download or Print Click Here


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