Wellness With Purpose

by Karen Pickering


Photo credit NWHS

For those experiencing them, the golden years don’t always seem that way. However for two hours a couple of weeks ago they took on a golden hue for my retired mare Dawn, and some of the folks at Stafholt’s retirement home in Blaine, Washington. The retired folks lit up when Dawn entered their courtyard. At 26 years of age she patiently stood while wrinkled hands reached out to touch her, or bumped her with their walkers and wheelchairs. She welcomed the outstretched hands offering carrots and a pat. They welcomed the warm memories of time gone by with their horses.

It was especially meaningful for me as I watched my mother who recently suffered a stroke and moved from her home to Stafholt. It was amazing to me how people respond, no matter what age, to the presence of animals. All forgot their prejudices and sometimes-grumpy mood when the horse entered the scene. Sometimes I think we take for granted how fortunate we are to have horses in our lives.

Photo credit NWHS

Our horses need purpose, especially as they age, even if it is their purpose to be that loving vessel we take care of every morning and night. I have great respect for those who find a use for their aging steeds that are no longer able to compete. One of our columnists and local trainers uses her retired cowhorses to educate people getting into the sport. Allison Trimble of Coastal Equine also uses her horses for day camps for a kid’s program called “Blue Skies for Children.” What amazing purpose for aging horses.

Our senior horse essay contest is coming up. Watch for details in the e-newsletter and this issue. We’d love to hear how you give your senior horse purpose.

At the end of this month we will be attending the Cascade Horse Fair in Lynden, Washington. We’ve even got Ken McNabb on the roster! Don’t miss this event October 28-30. I look forward to meeting you there.

I truly believe that wellness has a great deal to do with a meaningful existence for both man and beast. Have a great month and remember to ride!


Published October 2011 Issue

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