Are You Tired of Being Tired? Always Hungry? Overweight?

Are You Tired of Being Tired? Always Hungry? Overweight?
Karen Pickering

Join the Coffee / Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight loss

April and Karen warming up at Coastal Equine

I had an opportunity fall into my lap. I found a company that makes a weight loss coffee with all natural products called Valentus. They also have other natural products known as Trim, Energy and Immune Boost. If you need appetite control, more energy and better sleep these are the product to try. It’s super new for me but I tried the coffee and it really tastes pretty good and curbs the appetite. I was hesitant to join the opportunity because I have no time but this company has one of the best compensation plans I’ve ever seen in this type of program. I’ve done quite a few and this one excites me because it’s ground floor.

In the search for additional revenue streams I bought in at the Business Builder Level. I figure I haven’t got anything to lose and the product is something I will certainly use. I need to keep healthy and lose weight so no harm done if I just buy product. If I make a little it’s a bonus. Check this out:

If it helps with mood, focus and appetite, I’m in. If I make a little $$ so much the better. I’ve done MLM (Multi-level Marketing) before so I know what to expect and it’s a company that’s a little over a year old so now’s the time to get in. If I can help someone else lose weight, get healthy and make money so much the better!

Valentus-LogoIf you’re interested in losing weight, love coffee and are looking for additional income call me today! I’ll get you started with some samples!

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Karen Pickering

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Today, Karen remains involved with every aspect of the magazine and treasures the community of thousands who share a common passion. Somewhere in the wee hours of the early mornings and late evenings, she still finds time to care for April, her gorgeous and sweet-tempered Quarter Horse.

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