The Proof is in the Poodle

One Veterinarian’s Exploration into Healing

by Donna Kelleher, DVM

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In her youth, Donna Kelleher spent her Saturday mornings picking stones from horses’ hooves and learning about plants. While digging through the earth and soaking medicinal leaves, the lessons from her teacher Iris, the neighborhood healer, began to take root. Since those Saturday lessons in nature, Kelleher has spent nearly two decades exploring what it means to find true healing, combining her conventional veterinary training with holistic treatments. What she’s learned along the way is that animals need inspiration to make choices; as these stories prove, the resiliency of pets large and small have shaped her life as much as her treatments shaped theirs. A reminder of the physical, emotional and spiritual strength in us all, this memoir embodies the restorative power of hope.

The Proof is in the Poodle is available for $16.95 through Donna’s website: wholepetvet.com.


Editor’s Review: I read a lot, both for pleasure and my job, so it’s no small feat for a book to capture my attention. I read Donna’s memoir in three days and was profoundly inspired, not only for the largely unexplored and untapped potential of holistic healing for animals, but by a woman who has refused to settle for the status quo in her profession and champions true well being for animals. Funny, heartwarming and inspiring this is a must-read if you love animals.


Published in March 2016 Issue

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