The History of Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Learn How a Growing Family Sport Got It’s Start


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Technically, mounted shooting has been with us since the beginning of horses and firearms.  Being a skilled mounted shooter was an important component of the cavalry, and of course we all remember the old Western movies where good guys and bad guys chased each other at a full gallop while shooting.  The sport of today was started by Jim Rodgers, affectionately called, “Mr. CMSA #1.”  Jim had an infatuation with the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, and wanted to shoot from horseback.  The first organized mounted shooting event was in 1992, with just 3 contestants.  In 1994, Jim was the co-founder of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, thus CMSA is celebrating its 20th year (full story at   

It will be a great year to get involved in this family sport, with contestants as young as 4 and up into their 80’s.  Grandparents compete alongside their grandkids, teaching respect for firearms and horses starting at a young age.  All shooters start out as a Level 1, even if you’ve never shot before.  The new season is just beginning, and there are several mounted shooting clubs in the greater Pacific Northwest.  For information on a club near you contact  In Western WA,  Or call 425 985-8321 or

2014 January-May Local Events:

Jan. 31 – Feb 2, Applegate Trail Peacemakers Winter Shoot #2, Linn County Expo Center, Albany, OR

April 25-27, CMSA Applegate Trail Peacemakers, Winter Shoot #3, Terrebonne, OR

May 9-11, CMSA Columbia Basin Mounted Shooters, Oregon State Championships, Hermiston, OR and Pacific NW Regionals


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