Strangles in Snohomish & Clark Counties, WA

Washington State Veterinary Office

Number Confirmed: 1;
Number Exposed: 4;
Facility Type: Boarding Facility;
Notes:  A horse at a boarding facility in Snohomish County has tested positive for Strangles. The owner has quarantined the affected horse and is temperature taking other horses exposed and not allowing anything on or off property.  For more information about Strangles go to the Strangles factsheet. 


Number Confirmed: 2;
Number Suspected: 1;
Number Exposed: 10;
Facility Type: Private Facility;
Notes: Two horses at a private facility have tested positive for Strangles in Clark County. Three horses were separated after symptoms occurred and are being monitored under veterinary supervision. For more information about Strangles go to the Strangles factsheet. 

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