Starting Another Business – What was I thinking?

NWHS Publisher Decides to Branch Out

It’s a bold step to start a new business, especially when I already have so many demands on my time. Add this on top of taking a year-long personal development course, I’m insane! Life has thrown me some curve balls over the last few years and I’m tired of struggling to make ends meet. A generous and caring horse and church community have kept us going, but I cannot expect to be carried for years to come. I am anxious to be in a position to pay it forward, so I’ve started down a familiar but almost forgotten path.

april_lincoln_park_oil_painting businessWhen I was in my early twenties I was consumed with figuring out a way to have my own business. I had no college background or training in running a business but I had the urge to be self-employed. My first stab at owning my own business was various network marketing companies such as KM-Matol, Melaleuca, Cameo Lingerie, Shaklee and other companies. They all had great training programs and gave me the courage to start the Northwest Horse Source Magazine. While I was moderately successful, I never made it big in these companies. I think I was immature and scared to step out and really work the business like it needed to be worked.

A few months ago a good friend started raving about this weight loss coffee she had tried and really liked. She commented briefly about the opportunity but I was mostly interested in the weight loss. I started half-heartedly trying the coffee, liked the taste, and would drink it occasionally. I never intended to start another business and I’ve struggled to get it off the ground. Bottom line – you have to work the business. You make the calls every day and develop your prospects. If you do this half-heartedly, that’s the results you’ll get. So I decided to get serious!

Here’s why: network marketing is really the only industry that encourages you to share the product, not sell it. You are helping people with a need – either health or wealth. It doesn’t take a college degree or the perfect circumstances. You make your circumstances. You are given a turn-key business that keeps track of your sales and contacts and trains you to be successful. The only ingredient you need is a daily commitment to make it work. It’s a supportive, nurturing environment that allows you to work with whomever you choose in a positive, uplifting manner. Not many corporate jobs or careers can give you this. This has a great deal of appeal after running my own company.

Take it from me. After running the Northwest Horse Source Magazine for 21 years I’ve learned it’s very hard to be in charge of your own business. I have to come up with my own system, my own advertising, hire staff, do the books, pay the bills and still do the sales calls day after day. Had it not been for my start in network marketing I never would have attempted doing sales. The training proved invaluable.

While I do not intend to give up the magazine, I’ve decided to do something that fits right in with what I’m doing for people who want to have successful horse businesses by advertising in my magazine.

I can now partner with people who want a better life and have the courage to step out and get into a business that helps others with their self-image as well as their bottom line. What a positive environment!

Imagine living in the house you want, having the barn you desire, the horse, the truck, the time to ride. It’s all possible for anyone who is willing to work the plan. Just imagine….

I’m looking for 12 individuals who are serious about building a business around other positive, uplifting and energetic individuals who are ready to change their lives for the better. Get healthy and wealthy!

If you’re serious give me a call today. Watch this first: http://karenp.valentusfreetour.com/

I sincerely hope to hear from you. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in one of the newest, ground-floor, rapidly growing network marketing businesses today…Valentus.

Quote: A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb

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