Standlee Premium Western Forage® Introduces a High Fiber/Low Sugar Forage Pellet

Standlee Premium Western Forage® Introduces a High Fiber/Low Sugar Forage Pellet

Kimberly, Idaho – Standlee Premium Products™ introduces Standlee Premium Western Forage® Teff Grass Pellets for horses, a soft high fiber grass forage with moderate protein content and low sugar/starch content. This forage is a nutritional solution for horses challenged with sugar/starch sensitivities such as those diagnosed with Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Insulin Resistance (IR), Cushings Disease, Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) and Laminitis.Standlee Premium Western Forage® Introduces a High Fiber/Low Sugar Forage Pellet

“Finally, low sugar/starch grass forage is now available for horses with sugar-related diseases; this is a game changer for horse owners.”- Dr. Stephen Duren

Teff Grass Forage Pellets offer a convenient and consistent nutrition solution that gives horse owners peace of mind that what they’re feeding is safe and nutritionally low in sugar/starch for their horses. Replacing baled grass hay with Teff Grass Forage Pellets eliminates the need to soak hay in water to reduce sugar content. It also eliminates the time, hassle and expense of nutritionally testing multiple batches of hay to find a source suitable for your sugar sensitive horse. Teff Grass Forage Pellets are also a good option for overweight horses. These horses often struggle to lose weight with other higher calorie forages.

“Teff Grass gives horse owners with overweight horses a sound, high fiber option for feeding that is both low in calories and low in sugar/starch. This will allow weight reduction with a minimum of behavior issues.”- Dr. Tania Cubitt

Teff Grass Forage Pellets also offer another option for feeding grass forage to horses that have allergies to other grass and legumes such as timothy grass, orchard grass, alfalfa and clover.


About Standlee Hay Company
Standlee Hay Company is a family-owned forage company located in Southern Idaho. Founded in 1981, Standlee Hay grows and manufactures a wide variety of high-quality forage-based products including bales, cubes & pellets under the Standlee Premium Western Forage® brand. Standlee Hay also manufactures bedding for many animal species and loose forages for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small companion animals. Standlee Premium Western Forage® products are sold throughout the United States and the World. For more information, visit

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