Spurr’s Big Fix

Long-time Farrier Develops Unique Product for Horses’ Health

By Kim Roe


David Kimbrough and his wife Kathy are lifelong horse lovers. David spent 38 years helping horses as a professional farrier. He watched his clients try to relieve their horses’ hoof and skin problems with products that were messy, hard to use, caustic, smelly, and not particularly effective––and it frustrated him. He kept thinking there had to be a better way.

The end-result is an award-winning trio of products that are benefiting horses and other livestock (dogs too) all over the United States: Spurr’s Big Fix Hoof Fix, Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray, and Spurr’s Big Fix Citrus Filly Skin Moisturizer.

David Kimbrough gives most of the credit for the creation of Spurr’s Big Fix to his wife Kathy. Kathy started making batches of the stuff in her kitchen and David would pass them on to his clients to try. Before long, Kathy was making batches of 50 bottles at a time, then 100. Soon the Kimbroughs realized they would need to find another way to produce this hoof and wound dressing. The demand was greater than their kitchen could manage!

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An ideal formula was scientifically developed under the supervision of a chemist. Spurr’s Big Fix underwent rigorous testing both in the field and in the lab to ensure that it was effective and safe.         

Soon, the Kimbrough’s longtime friend, Bruce Conley, stepped in to assist with the marketing, packaging, and production. Mr. Conley’s business expertise allowed the formula to be produced and marketed on a much larger scale then the Kimbrough’s had been producing it. Bruce is a partner and promoter of Spurr’s Big Fix and also uses it on his own herd of Miniature Horses.

An all-natural hoof product that is effective on dry hooves, thrush, and white line disease, Spurr’s Big Fix also comes as an antiseptic spray that works well on wounds and many common skin conditions such as fungus, and rain-rot.

The hoof conditioner soaks in within just a few minutes, so your farrier can do his job soon after application.                                                                       

Applying Spurr’s 10-15 minutes before your farrier goes to work will create a more pliable hoof, making it easier for your farrier to trim and rasp. You can also ride minutes after applying the product to your horse’s hooves without the footing making a mess sticking to your horse’s feet.

The products are also great for use on dogs, cattle, and other livestock. Ingredients include tea tree oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, iodine, glycerin, alcohol and other essential oils.

Photo credit Spurr’s Big Fix Facebook Page

Award Winning Products

Both Spurr’s Big Fix Hoof Fix and the antiseptic spray have won Best New Equine Product of the Year from SuperZoo, first in 2013 and again in 2016. In 2017 their most recent product, Citrus Filly Skin Moisturizer, won second place in the Best New Product category.

The Kimbroughs live in the heart of Alabama horse country along with Spurrs, the miniature horse that is the namesake of the company. David has ridden roping horses and both David and Kathy have been avid trail riders.

These days though, running their current business is keeping them out of the saddle. David retired from his farrier work about a year ago and is devoting all his time to Spurr’s Big Fix. The Kimbroughs hope to supply Northwest feed and farm stores with Spurr’s Big Fix in the near future.

In the meantime, you can order Spurr’s Big Fix products through their website www.spurrsbigfix.com or call (256) 412-8600; email: info@spurrsbigfix.com. Spurr’s Big Fix offers a money back guarantee of satisfaction.


Published October 2018 Issue


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