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Shaila Tenorio, Northwest Equine Artist

Shaila Tenorio, Northwest Equine Artist
Aliena Hook

Artist’s Exhibit in Winthrop, March 4 – April 8, 2017

by Aliena Hook


Photo courtesy Shaila Yován Tenorio

Shaila Yován Tenorio of Winthrop, Washington is an artist and horse owner who takes daily inspiration from the wilderness and God to develop stunning images that capture the depths of emotions in her subjects and the connection she has with them. Her art speaks to many social, environmental and animal causes and has been exhibited since 2010, primarily in Washington and California.

When it comes to her art Shaila says it is not meant to hang on a wall and make the viewer feel warm and fuzzy inside. “There is too much going on in this world that requires our deep consideration and our action. Art matters because it has the power to shed light where words fail. Being an artist is not pretty sometimes. But if through my blood, sweat, and tears I can help bring just a little awareness on how crucial it is to practice love in this life, I can be content.”

Tenorio works in many mediums including oils, acrylics and charcoals. Her talent for exploration can also be seen in her photography and use of old materials such as wood pallet and barn siding as canvas. One of her favorite subjects is her BLM mustang gelding named Coyote who was “wild trapped” in 2011 and has been with Tenorio for three years.

She is fascinated by aspects of flow, light, contour, and motion which she strives to capture in each piece. The recently completed oil on canvas painting titled “Turi Coyote” combines deeply rooted aspects of herself within the grace and gentleness of her horse.

Currently, Tenorio is doing an artist’s residency at Confluence Arts, in Twisp, Washington. At the end of her three-month exploration she will have a small exhibit at Confluence, March 4 – April 8.

For commissions and more information on Tenorio and her works, visit Follow her on Facebook ( for new works and her progress at Confluence Arts and future exhibitions.


Originally Published March 2017 Issue

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Aliena Hook

Aliena Hook grew up in the Northwest and discovered horses at a young age while attending a birthday party. Beginning with her first rides and through many years of training, Aliena has strived to develop her own way of training based on natural horsemanship and focusing on the bond between humans and their horses.
When she’s not riding, she is writing. Aliena is currently working on her first book about her rescue horse Orion, and the issues surrounding the horse slaughter industry.
Aliena lives and works in Bellingham, WA and owns two Arabian geldings that she trains and learns from on a daily basis. She is a senior at Western Washington University, and hopes to pursue the careers of both trainer and writer in the near future. Contact her at or through Facebook.

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