ScratchnAll® Helps Horses Find the Sweeter Side of Life

ScratchnAll® offers a safe, effective choice in self-scratching
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ScratchnAll is the veterinarian used and approved durable scratcher pad manufactured by Animent®. These scratcher pads have been named an official vendor with equestrian and livestock wholesaler Intrepid International. ScratchnAll pads are used by domestic and exotic animals large and small.

ScratchnAll® offers a safe, effective choice in self-scratching for your animals that will not harm the skin, face or eyes. The small, durable nubs on each scratcher pad offer a comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating way for animals to relieve itching while massaging key acupressure points. The pads give animals a safe place to scratch anytime they feel the urge. ScratchnAll is leading the way in multi-animal scratchers.

Each pad is made of durable hard or ‘soft touch’ nubbed rubber with 212 stimulating acupressure points. The interlocking design makes installation easy on flat surfaces or corners. The unique interlocking shape can create grids best suited for each animal’s enrichment needs. Each made-in-America pad weighs ten ounces and measures 6″ x 5″ x 1″ and is made with an elastomer that is FDA compliant. They are safe, durable, bend around corners, interlock like a puzzle, and are accompanied by stainless steel hardware for mounting.

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Published April 2018 Issue


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