SAFE Horse Rescue Presents Heart of the Horse 2021

Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) Horse Rescue of Redmond WA presents the 11th annual Heart of the Horse celebration on Saturday, May 22 at 6:00pm PST. Because of the pandemic, Heart of the Horse will be a virtual online event again this year, which means that absolutely everyone is invited! There is no charge for admission because guests will be enjoying Heart of the Horse and helping this horse rescue from the comfort of their own homes!

SAFE will be broadcasting LIVE from its farm in Redmond on Saturday May 22, beginning at 6:00pm. The live event will be hosted by auctioneer Sasha Summer Cousineau, and she will be joined on the air by horses big and small. Viewers will get up close and personal with baby Coco, born at SAFE just one month ago, as well as other favorite rescued horses from the herd at SAFE. Learn more at

The Heart of the Horse Online Auction is open for bidding now through the night of the broadcast on May 22. Visit to register and bid on the many treasures and unique experiences that were donated to this year’s auction.

All the money earned at Heart of the Horse goes to caring for the horses at SAFE. Through SAFE’s rescue program, horses facing neglect, abuse, or starvation are rehabilitated, retrained, and adopted into new homes. SAFE also helps horse owners in need of assistance during difficult times through its Community Outreach Program and COVID Hay Bank. Learn more about SAFE at

Heart of the Horse is presented by Bainbridge Organic Distillery, with help from Frank Lumber / The Door Store in Shoreline.



Since 2005, Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) of Redmond WA has been devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses facing abuse, neglect, or starvation. Once recovered, SAFE provides these horses with training, then finds adoptive homes through a rigorous screening process, which includes an application, reference checks, and site visits. After adoption, annual follow-up visits are conducted to ensure the animal’s continued well-being and SAFE will take a horse back if its adopter can’t continue to care for it. SAFE supports Animal Control agencies in several Washington counties and provides assistance to horse owners struggling to care for their animals in the current economy.

For more information, please contact Bonnie Hammond, Executive Director at (206) 331-0006.

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