RestoraPet Introduces Rejuvenating Supplements for Cats and Horses

Cats and horses can now receive the same rejuvenating supplements as man’s best friend, thanks to RestoraPet’s new vet-approved line of supplements for feline and equine family members. The new feline formulas of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp are tuna flavored for a cat’s enjoyment, while the apple-carrot flavored equine versions are sold in larger bottles with pumps, making them easy to dispense to horses.

All RestoraPet formulas include the proprietary, cell-rejuvenating super antioxidant Vitalitrol®, which helps restore the optimal function of a pet’s organs at the cellular level. No other product on the market includes Vitalitrol®, a carbon-based antioxidant that begins working from the first administered dose.

Proven results of the original RestoraPet include decreased inflammation, discomfort and infection, improved mobility, flexibility and mood, increased muscle strength, elevated energy levels, regulated appetite, vital organ protection (especially heart and kidney), improved skin and coat health, and an overall happier, healthier pet. Proven benefits of RestoraPet Hemp are reduced stress and anxiety, strengthened immune function, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, and reduced inflammation and discomfort.

Says RestoraPet founder Brian Larsen, “We are thrilled to be able to ensure pets everywhere live enjoyable and healthy lives, since they are members of our family whose happiness greatly impacts our own.” For more information, visit www.restorapet.com.


January 2020

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