Product Spotlight – Reflective Equine Collar

The Reflective Equine Collar is helpful when traveling or pasture turnout. It’s highly visible and can be seen up to 200 feet; it’s even visible during daylight hours. Made of 2” flat polypropylene webbing, sewn on 3M high-vizibility-reflective tape with hook and loop inside closure for full visibility. This lightweight collar is easy to store and fits well into a saddle or cantle bag. The extra-large collar fits well over jackets as a belt. We have customers that use them when riding motorcycles or bicycles also.

Feature (s) Advantage (s) Benefit (s)

  • 3M reflective material * Water Resistant * 200 Feet visibility
  • Large reflective area * Highly visible * Reduces chance for accidents
  • Non – abrasive * No irritation * No hair loss
  • Hook and Loop * Secure closure * Less chance of loss
  • Reusable * Reliable * reasonably priced


See What others say:  This is one of EquestriSafe’s Reflective Equine collars that I had a friend sew healing crystals on for my horse who was suffering from a neurological disorder. The collar worked exactly as I had hoped it would. It was strong enough to stay on, yet comfortable enough for him so he didn’t mind wearing it 24-7. I loved knowing that if by any chance he were to get it caught on something it would come off. I noticed that he seemed more calm and present when he wore his healing collar. I love EquestriSafe products. I recommend to all who are involved with any kind of large animal rescue to have a variety of the Equine ID neck collars on hand to help identify rescued horses.
Cindy Hartzell, Horsemanship and Self-Development Coach, Heart Soul Confidence-Based Horsemanship


Do Not forget that they are highly reflective for evening riding, traveling, transporting, pasture turnout and more.




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