One Final Mustang Joins Stonewater – Students to Prepare “The Boys” for Saddle Training

As promised, we are excited to introduce our fourth and final addition to Stonewater Mustangs for 2019. In November, we picked up our final horse for the year—a tall, handsome red roan gelding from the Stinking Water HMA in Oregon. As of this writing, we have not given him a name. Everyone agrees he is a strikingly handsome horse, and we know he will be an amazing addition to the growing Mustang herd.

Now it’s our students’ turn to be in the spotlight for a few months. Between this writing and early June, our Wild Hearts discipleship students will be preparing the four Mustangs for their saddle training. In December, we began bringing in “The Boys” as we call the Mustangs, for students to brush, lead, and handle. These are the moments this whole ministry is about—student and horse learning to trust, communicate, and learn together. God shows up in these moments.

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February 2020

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