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NuZu Stabul1

March 3, 2015, Chana, Illinois – NuZu Feed is pleased to announce a new website dedicated specifically to the horse feed and treats segment of the business.  Stabul 1 is a successful line of products promoting great digestive health, balanced vitamins and minerals, combined with a low carb diet to “Feed the Need” in your equine pets, athletes, and investments.

You know what happens when we eat potato chips and cookies so why would you feed them to your horse?

•    Stabul 1 and Stabul 1 Plus equine diets are formulated without molasses and have less than 10% starch and sugar. We use diabetic flavors to encourage the pickiest horses to eat our safe,   healthy and balanced diets.  A low carbohydrate diet can aid in preventing laminitis, colic and founder issues in your horse.  The formulas are fixed; the same ingredients in equal ratios, month-in and month-out.
•    Stabul  Nuggets are treats that can be used for training purposes or as an energy source while out on a trail ride.
•    Stabul Crumbs are the little pieces of Nuggets that are left over. They are ideal for concealing medications or additional supplements, by adding water to the Crumbs you have a delicious mash.

Go to www.stabul1.com for more information and a free sample.

Stabul 1 and Stabul 1 Plus are available through Tractor Supply stores. There is a 10 bag minimum order per store (not per customer).  Store Locator
Stabul 1 Treats and Crumbs can be ordered online at www.stabul1.com

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