New WORX Gift Ideas For Her This Holiday Season

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I can’t get enough of these great tools by WORX. I have several of their tools now and am always amazed at the quality and longevity. Remember, us girls can use tools! ~ Karen Pickering, NW Horse Source.

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New WORX Gift Ideas Achieve Satisfying Results To Make Her Holidays Brighter

Charlotte, NC – This holiday season skip the pajamas, slippers and blender and give her a refreshing gift from WORX®, such as the MAKERX Small Crafting Tool Combo Kit, WORX 20V Power Share Brad Nailer/Crown Stapler or the MAKERX ZipSnip Mini Rotary Cutter. These thoughtful, useful gifts promote fun and creativity all year long.

The MAKERX Small Crafting Tool Combo Kit includes four crafting tools powered by a WORX 20V, 2.0Ah, Max Lithium, Power Share battery and power hub.  The portable hub, with battery, weighs only 1.1 lbs. and features variable-speed control for applicable tools.

The MAKERX tools represent an entirely new approach to creative crafting tool design.  Each of the kit’s four compact tools connects to a go-anywhere MakerX Hub, which is powered by WORX 20V Power Share battery. The kit includes a rotary tool, wood and metal crafter, angle grinder and air brush, plus a 5-hr.charger, accessories and carrying bag.  Each tool connects to the MAKERX Hub through a 4 ft., flexible, power cord. This enables MAKERX tools to be better balanced, leaner, more compact and lighter weight than tools requiring onboard batteries.

The versatile MAKERX Rotary Tool weighs only 0.29 lbs. and has a narrow pencil-like grip for handling projects with precision and control. It features a brushless motor for long life and smooth operation.  Its applications run the gamut of crafting and household projects that require cutting, drilling, detail sanding, polishing, engraving, etching and more.  The tool’s accessories are not proprietary, and its 1/8 in. collet accepts accessories of other major brands. Video link:

The MAKERX Wood and Metal Crafter reaches target temperature in 30 seconds. Temperature controls, a digital temperature display and an on/off switch are located on the tool’s handle. Typical applications are electronic DIY projects, as well as arts and crafts, such as creating wooden signs, embellishing leather goods, jewelry-making and metal-crafting. The kit contains eight wood-burning tips, one soldering tip, a silicon comfort sleeve and a cradle stand. Video link:

The MAKERX Angle Grinder accepts 1-1/2 in. wheels with a 1/4 in. arbor and 2 in. wheels with a 3/8 in. arbor. Its compact, narrow body is easy to maneuver, even in tight quarters. The grinder is outfitted with an adjustable guard to deflect sparks and debris away from the user. The brushless tool is ideal for cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing and carving. Its variable-speed control ranges from 14,000 to 24,000 rpm. Video link:

The MAKERX Air Brush is ideal for painting models, personalizing guitars and skate boards, crafts, murals, signage, cosmetics, and more. The 0.62-lb. airbrush features a dual-function trigger control that separates air flow and paint volume. Its diaphragm pump generates 14 to18 psi air pressure and has a run-time up to 3 hours. The 0.04 mm nozzle provides a good balance between fine detail and ample width of coverage. Video link:

Don’t for get your extra battery – Free one-day delivery with Prime.

The  MAKERX Small Crafting Tool Combo Kit (WO7104, $199.99) is available at  It’s covered by the WORX three-year, limited warranty. The MAKERX tools are expandable with multiple tools and accessories to choose from. The WORX 20V battery is compatible with more than 75 other WORX DIY, lawn and garden and lifestyle products. Check out the Rotary Tool.

The WORX® 20V Power Share 18 Gauge Brad Nailer and Crown Stapler eliminate the need for an air compressor, air hose, and a hammer and nail.  Brad nails and staples are driven by the tool’s high-efficiency air impact technology making it an asset to do-it-yourselfers for assembly and installation projects.

TWX840L - Nail Gun_profile left_battery .jpghe combination tool drives 18-gauge, brad nails from 3/4 in. to 2 in. in length. The nail gun fires 80 nails-per-minute and up to 500 nails on a single charge. Its side-loading magazine is easy to release and reload. The nailer/stapler is powered by a WORX 20V 2.0Ah Max Lithium Power Share battery.

Balanced and easy to control, the portable 6.7 lb. nailer (with battery) can handle overhead jobs. When not in use, it stands upright. Brad nailers are ideal for fastening baseboard, veneer, window trim, crown molding, wood strips to furniture,  cabinets and drawers, among other applications.

As a crown stapler, the cordless tool uses narrow crown staples from ¾ in. to 1-1/2 in. Ideal for adhering fabric to wood, as in upholstery work for chairs and benches. The stapler also is handy for craft projects, laying carpeting or runners on steps, chicken wire, screening, stapling insulation and other applications.

A mode selector switch enables single-fire nail placement or rapid fire (sequential) firing. A depth adjustment knob allows thersz_worx_wx840l_-_20v_nail_gun.jpg user to sink nails below or flush to the surface. Built-in dual LED lights illuminate the work area. A red flashing light indicates a jam, while a solid red light signals low battery. When the green light flashes, it indicates overload and the tool or battery is too hot and should be allowed to cool.  A solid green light signals no nails and time to reload. A viewing window provides a quick read on how many nails/staples are left in the magazine before it’s time to reload.

The WORX 20V Power Share 18 Gauge Brad Nailer and Crown Stapler (WX840L, $149.99) is available at and Amazon. A bare tool, minus the battery and charger (WX840L.9, $99.99) also is available at Amazon. Video link:

The new MAKERX 20V ZipSnipTM Mini Rotary Cutter makes precise, effortless cuts through all kinds of materials around the house, workshop and yard.

ZipSnip is ideal for cutting cloth, leather, plastic clamshell packaging, corrugated board, vinyl sheet goods, rubber liner, landscape fabric, canvas, wire, wrapping paper and many other common materials. The lightweight, ergonomic tool cuts contours, curves and straight lines, and reaches into spaces where scissors or other cutting tools are difficult to use.

The user-friendly ZipSnip weighs only .79 lbs.. It is constructed of high impact composite material with a comfortable soft-grip handle. A safety switch works in conjunction with the trigger for added protection.

The cutter’s 1½-in.-diameter, hardened steel blade is self-sharpening and replaceable.  A built-in cutting guide ensures precise straight or curved cuts. The blade operates at 300 rpm (no load). Its maximum cutting thickness is ¼ in. The tool’s no-load run time is over 2 hours.

MAKERX ZipSnip - Product.jpgThe new MAKERX 20V Power Share ZipSnip Mini Rotary CutterMAKERX ZipSnip cutting carpet.jpg (WX745L.9, $29.99) is tool only. As part of the MakerX system, it’s powered by a WORX 20V, Power Share battery and power hub, which are sold separately.  The MAKERX ZipSnip is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty. Video link:

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