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Life is a Series of Special Moments

By Karen Pickering


Karen rides April at Bolender Horse Park in 2011. Photo credit NWHS

I can’t believe we’re approaching Christmas already! It’s October 25th as I write this and sitting here wondering what to write about, I looked back at my December editorial from last year. It was about my best friend, T (Theresa) and a special trip we took in 1989 to celebrate Washington’s Centennial. Wagon Train ’89 was such a special adventure, one I will never forget. It’s these moments in time that I can look back on as one of many fond memories. Your can read the story in our December 2017 online digital issue or as an article on our website.

T and I had many adventures—something I will always treasure. As we bring this issue to print I’m reminded how special — and short — life is. I’ve made many friends during my lifetime, especially since I started the magazine in December of 1995. I treasure the adventures and hope to write about most of them someday. I’m super glad I always took loads of pictures; they captured those special moments. I’ve always subscribed to the belief that you make the best of every adventure and say “yes” to those opportunities that may only come around once.

In this issue we are celebrating those special senior horses in our lives. I can’t believe that my mare April is already 19 years old. I bought her at Bennett Woodland Farm in Deming, WA, the summer of 2000. The Bennett’s hosted a horse sale, auctioneered by Tom Pasma. April was just a year old. I had no money with me so my friend, Si Kingma bought her for me (a story for another time).

April and I have had so many adventures together, from her first AQHA ride as a three-year-old to riding through Yellowstone National Park in 2014. She’s that once-in-a-lifetime horse. I’d love to hear about that special horse in your life. Watch our website and Facebook page for an upcoming opportunity to share your story in the Northwest Horse Source Magazine.

This month as we celebrate senior horses, we are bringing you a special story on page 6 about a veterinarian, her beautiful stallion, and an amazing new product she wants to share with you. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an enchanting New Year!

Quote: Be in love with your life. Every minute of it. —Jack Kerouac


Published December 2018 Issue

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