Learning is an Investment

The Journey to Enjoying Your Horse

by Karen Pickering


Photo credit NWHS


It has been a glorious weekend of sunshine and horses. The summer is already half over before it’s begun, but we made it down to the trailhead for an enjoyable Saturday ride. It’s my favorite thing to do. It’s a day with my horse, enjoying the scenery and visiting with friends. I’m reminded of what I have to be grateful for when on the back of my horse. It’s so nice to have a day of pure enjoyment with my horse. It wasn’t always this easy.

A well-broke horse is an investment in time or money. I have spent both on April and am enjoying the benefits of good instruction, a good trainer and loads of hours in the saddle. In my opinion, everyone can enjoy his or her horse, but it’s a team effort. We all need a coach to help us through buying the right horse, training, lessons and an education on horse care and horsemanship. It’s an exercise in patience, but worth the wait for the time you and your horse will spend together.

As we bring you the September “Boarding & Training” issue read the articles with intent. If you’re having a problem we don’t address, go to our website and ask one of our experts your question. They are there as a resource for you to help you with issues you’re having with your horse. Watch the magazine for trainers, stables and other resources to help you with your horse. A coach will help you reach your goals with your horse. It’s an investment in the enjoyment you’ll experience with your horse. Whether you show or trail ride a coach can help you reach your goals and enjoy your horse.

My goal with the magazine has always been to help connect you with the right information and people to help you with your horse. Enjoy your month and have fun with your horse!

Quote of the day:
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin


Published September 2011 Issue

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