Media Barn: Josh Lyons: The Next Generation Teaching Series DVDs

By Josh Lyons

Josh Lyons: The Next Generation is one of the best horse training series you can find for learning horsemanship basics from a top professional trainer. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding a horse for fun or if your goal is winning in the competition arena. Josh Lyons Teaching Series DVDs can really help you succeed.

The Josh Lyons Teaching Series DVD Set Includes: Foal Handling, Teaching Tricks, Spins and Shoulder Control, Leads and Lead Changes, and Sliding Stops and Roll backs. These DVDs are a great asset to help you and your horse learn the basics for any performance discipline.

All of the Josh Lyons Teaching Series DVDs are available separately or as a set at

NW Horse Source Publisher’s Review: After watching the “Teaching Tricks” DVD, which is second in this series of 5 Training DVDs, I’m impressed with Josh Lyons’ thorough explanations. He makes complete sense and breaks down the steps into easy-to-understand segments. This is a great set of training DVDs to add to your collection. Karen Pickering

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Published August 2018 Issue


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