John Wayne Virtual Ride and bridge repairs – BCHW legislative

Right now, the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders are crossing the state virtually on their community excursion from Easton to Idaho.   Each day they are reliving on Facebook the ride using pictures from the last year or two.   I’ve been part of some of these including a planned RTP BCHW project replacing one of the trestle surfaces (still not done – but I’m determined).   Today, they are at Malden in Whitman County (again virtually).

These are pictures I’ve taken on the rides of three structures with approved and funded contract work now underway – that I expect everyone on the Legislative Committee to ride across on a mule or thoroughbred when completed.   They are ones we’ve pushed successfully for funding for decking and side railings.   Needless to say, the repairs are expensive (nearly 10 million for the three).

  • Renslow Bridge across I-90 east of Ellensburg
  • Beverly Bridge across the Columbia River east of Ellensburg
  • Tekoa Trestle across Highway 27 in Tekoa just west of Idaho

There will be new batch of grants submitted for next year’s legislative session.   Not sure how we can top this biennium’s round, but there is always something on the horizon that is very interesting, an impossible challenge, and something we’ve never done before.

Just don’t look down and don’t leap off the side!!!   And don’t kick concrete down on the hay trucks or barges.

Check out the journey on John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders Facebook Page.

Submitted by Jeff Chapman

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