Jackson’s First Ride – Trust Helps Young Trainer Get the Job Done

Article by Tracey Hamilton

Jackson’s first ride happened recently, thanks to the talented Amanda! She has been a student at our Stonewater summer camps the past four years. She has an undeniable love and heartbeat for Jesus. Although she’s young, she’s a natural colt starter and desires to make it her profession. In September we sent her our mustang Creed and was so impressed with his training that we asked if she would come out and start our last two mustangs, Jackson and Dally.

Says Amanda, “Being able to work with Jackson and Dally this week was a great experience. Every time I work with a horse, I learn new things. Most importantly, I learn about myself. Starting colts puts you and your horse in vulnerable positions. You’re asking that they let you do something that goes against their nature, as well as putting yourself in a position to get hurt. That’s why I think the most important part of training is trust. Working with the mustangs this week reminded me of how God is asking that of us. He wants us to trust him by turning ourselves over to him, our hearts, minds, bodies, everything. Let him take the reins and guide us through life.”

If you would like information on having Amanda start your colt, please contact Ken at [email protected] or call (509) 433-0022.


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