It’s Never Too Late – Imagination is Power

Thanksgiving Day was a flurry of activity for me. Hosting a turkey dinner at our home was a new experience. Away from my family in Washington, I decided to invite friends over for a hearty feast. I finally have a house big enough to have guests—a dream come true for me. A year ago, I wasn’t sure if a move to Colorado was even possible.

Now living in a new home on a small, manageable acreage in the mountains, I realize the power of dreaming and imagination. I say this to encourage my friends and readers to dream big. If I can do it, anyone can! You may be dreaming of an indoor arena or a new truck. No dream is too big or too small. Life is short and I’m finding the older I get, the faster it goes.

My dream of publishing a horse magazine began nearly 26 years ago. I was in a good job with benefits, but I always wanted something more fulfilling. I have no formal publishing or design education or experience, but I had the desire. With amazing support from family and friends, I was able to find people to donate their time and energy to help me get started. My mother and sister helped along with my best friend at the time, Theresa Crume, and co-worker Barb Willmore. My boss at the time, Dick Vander Yacht, even contributed stories of his adventures riding in the high country as well as fictional stories he created. While all but my sister are gone, I will always treasure my humble beginnings with a simple newsletter.

Now I’m embarking on a new adventure in Colorado by starting a version of The Northwest Horse Source called The Colorado Horse Source. The future looks and feels uncertain but I’m confident my friends and connections will help me on the journey to this new adventure assisting horse owners to be successful with their equestrian lifestyle and equine care.

No matter the economic climate we all need to come to a trustworthy place for information and collaboration. My goal is to extend my experience to Colorado horse owners while continuing to serve my lifelong home and community with The Northwest Horse Source. Dream big!

I look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming horse expos in Washington, Idaho, and possibly Oregon. We will start the year off with The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver. See you on the trail!


All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs.

  • Neville Goddard


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