WWMS: Horses, Guns and Family

WWMS: Horses, Guns and Family

How I Found My “Shooting Family”

by Karen Plumlee

Horses, guns, family: That’s what cowboy mounted shooting is all about. Simply, it’s the most fun you can have on horseback and a mounted shooting event is like one big family reunion. When I first started in this sport, my husband and I didn’t know anyone. But after our first clinic, we were invited to come to the event and potluck the following day. A year later we probably knew 50 folks, most of them in the local mounted shooting area. Now, however, as Mark and I have traveled to Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Texas, we probably know 400 mounted shooters from around the country, and every shoot becomes a reunion. In fact mounted shooters refer to each other as our “shooting family.”

There is always room for beginners and folks in this sport are very encouraging. It is not uncommon to see people lending a competitor equipment, guns and even a horse (at one event), when necessary. The photo below features our shooting family—from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah— enjoying each other’s company at the Western U.S. Championships in Las Vegas.


WWMS, by Shelley Boucher

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Western Washington Mounted Shooters

WWMS members vary from kids to adults, and from the recreational shooter to the serious National and World competitor, so there’s a spot for everyone. We are a friendly group, and enjoy introducing the sport to others. Please feel free to contact us at any time, and come join the addiction that is Cowboy Mounted Shooting!!!

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