Fynalite Tack Trolley – Life Hack to Make Horse Owner’s Lives Easier

Fynalite Tack TrolleyThe What and Why of a Tack Trolley

Equestrians are a tough breed. Their work around a horse farm requires them to carry items that are sometimes as heavy as the average human. Equestrians withstand extreme weather conditions and often get by with minimal sleep, especially during show season.

There are a few important life hacks that can make horse owners lives a lot easier. A the noteworthy one is allowing the tack trolley to do most of the heavy lifting.


What Is A Tack Trolley?

This innovative invention was designed to save your back and arms from lugging around heavy equipment. It’s also useful to keep your expensive saddle from dragging along the ground or dropping when you are no longer able to carry it.

By using the wheelie-trolley from Fynalite, you can safely transport your equipment to your horse. Tie your horse, then easily roll your tack and other supplies to the horse.

Most riders have experienced having an armload of the tack they plan to use and nowhere to put the bridle while trying to position the saddle. Where do you put the polo wraps so they stay dirt-free?

With a tack trolley, you’ll have space for all your important equipment and it will stay clean, secure, and safe until you are ready to use it.


What Items Can You Transport?

Many tack trolleys come with multiple shelves and hooks designed specifically for equestrian equipment.

An example of this is the Fynalite Tack Trolley which features a double saddle stand (these also come in a single or triple saddle stand). This trolley provides space for two saddles along with bridle hooks with enough space for hanging your halters, bridles, lunge lines and more.

The Fynalite Tack Trolley comes with an ideal-sized frame to store your average-sized grooming kit, along with a durable and sturdy shelf with protective edging where you can store polo wraps, protective boots, and snacks for a fast pick-me-up.


When Do You Need A Tack Trolley?

Fynalite Tack TrolleyYou can use your tack trolley daily in the barn but it serves more purposes than just tacking up your horses. These trolleys come in handy when you don’t want to get dirty.

Imagine you’re all dressed up and ready to go out and you need to lug a dirty horse blanket to your horse so he stays cozy on a cold night—your tack trolley is a lifesaver! Now you can quickly wheel the rug to your stables and save your outfit, makeup, and hair in the process. (There’s a skill to rugging horses that keeps the blanket from coming in contact with your body.)

On show days many riders have become reliant on their tack trolleys. These stands are not very heavy and allow you to move your tack trunk from the truck or trailer to your stall.

Do not allow the lightweight nature of a tack trolley to fool you. With heavy-duty wheels you can guide your horse equipment and the trolley over just about any terrain.


Make Your Life Easier

I’m proud to be a tough country girl, but the busier I get the more I appreciate a handy gadget like a tack trolley. My tack trolleys have actually turned me into a smarter and better horse owner. I save hours each week on chores and use the extra time to ride and groom the horses I love.


Interested in your own handy Fynalite Tack Trolley?
More info here: EquestrianCo.com/products/tack-trolley


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