Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint

Strengthen Hooves and Joints with One Supplement


July 2017Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint is a pelleted combination hoof and joint supplement that can be added as a top dressing on your horse’s regular feed or given separately. This supplement provides nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acid “protein building blocks” for a healthy hoof. It also provides additional joint support in the form of the nutrients proline, ornithine, glucosamine, and manganese.

More than 30 years of research, clinical trials, and field testing have validated the effectiveness of Farrier’s Formula®. The same research utilized to formulate Farrier’s Formula® have now been incorporated into the development of Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint. By providing the same nutrients in the same levels, hoof growth and quality is equally effective as Farrier’s Formula®, but with the additional benefit of supplemental nutrients for joint health.

Painful joints that are associated with arthritis, degenerative joint disease, weak ligaments or injury not only affect the ability and willingness of the horse to perform, but also leads to daily discomfort and increased risk of further injury.

Weak hoof structure and hoof wall problems such as quarter cracks, toe cracks, sand cracks, brittle hoof walls and hoof wall separation not only predispose the horse to further hoof wall deterioration and lameness, but also create an environment ideal for the microbial invasions associated with white line disease and crumbling horn.

Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint strengthens the connective tissues of the hooves, tendons and ligaments and also contains nutrients to promote joint strength and health. Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint eliminates the concern of excessive sulfur supplementation that usually occurs when feeding hoof and joint supplements separately.

The product greatly reduces daily feeding expense when compared to feeding a hoof and joint supplement separately and is produced in the USA. For more information, contact: Life Data Labs, Inc., 800-624-1873 or www.lifedatalabs.com


Originally Published July 2017 Issue

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