EQUUS Winnie Film Fest – Wild Horse Collection

Join the Oregon Horse Council from the comfort of your home for a 2.5 hour Winnie Film Fest! First in our series, the EQUUS WINNIE Wild Horse collection will include a selection of some of the best Mustang and wild horse shorts and documentaries!
Tickets are only $15 for non-OHC members, $10 for members.  Anyone, anywhere is welcome to join us!  You will be sent a link to watch the film at your convenience during our 3 day event. So invite over your friends and family, get your popcorn, and enjoy the film!
We would love to see your viewing party!  Post pictures on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/354321545612004
The Oregon Horse Council is a 501c6 nonprofit with the mission to connect, strengthen and represent the Oregon equine industry.

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