Equina’s Keragard Keeps Hooves and Hair Healthy

Hoof health is an important factor in keeping our horses sound and happy. Especially if you live in a wet area like Washington State, we want those feet to have the best quality in order to maintain properly.

Keragard is a liquid biotin product with 15 mg of biotin, which creates high quality, elastic hoof horn. Liquid is the most absorbable form for maximum absorption. Keragard also features zinc for strength and durability of the hoof horn, amino acids to support keratin generation, and vitamin B complex and manganese for optimal metabolism of nutrients.

Keragard is an amazing product which helps correct poor hoof quality, cracks, thin soles, slow growth, hoof infections, brittle hoof walls, and coat and skin conditions. Keragard has also improved white line disease, chronic abscesses, hoof wall separation, sensitive feet, and transitioning to barefoot.

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May/June 2022


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