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Grooming is one of the fun parts of horse ownership. However, anyone who owns a stallion or gelding knows there’s one sensitive area that can be trickier to clean than the rest of the horse. Regular sheath cleaning is crucial to your horse’s overall health, but it can be a tough area for even the most experienced groomer.

Cleaning a sheath takes a bit of expertise, so we recommend talking with your veterinarian before you get started. They’ll help you understand the signs that it’s time to clean such as the presence of dirt, discharge, and smell. Even without these signs, you should still clean the sheath a few times a year.

Because this is a highly sensitive area, you need to be very careful about what products you use. Products made with chemical ingredients can cause inflammation and irritation. So stick to natural products like Sheath & Udder Cleaner that are safe for sensitive areas and also help to prevent yeast and bacterial infections in the future. To order or learn more visit www.equispa.com.


Northwest Horse Source Publisher’s Review:

I used this product on both my mares. Really worked great. I applied using a warm cloth and let sit for about 15 minutes. The dirt and debris came right off without irritating the skin.


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