Equi-Spa® Saves Your Horse from Irritating Pests Without Chemicals

If you wouldn’t put it on your body, why put it on your horse? Chemical products can cause serious problems such as dizziness, disorientation, and in some extreme cases can trigger seizures. Studies have also shown that pests are developing tolerances to these chemicals and they can actually work to attract pests. So why put your horse’s health at risk for something that won’t necessarily work?

Fortunately, there are natural options that work just as well to rid your horse of these nasty pests. Equi-Spa® Peppermint Summer Protection is a blend of natural essential oils. These essential oils are from plants that pests steer clear of in the wild, so when concentrated they really are effective at keeping the bugs away. It works against horseflies, ticks, and other pests that can attack or bite your horse. Peppermint Summer Protection does more than just keeps the pests away, it also nourishes your horse’s coat and adds a beautiful shine. www.equispa.com


View the full May 2020 edition here.


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