Dreams Can Come True – Determination, Faith, and Friendship Get it Done

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity around our new place. While I’m grateful to Duke and Wendy Croney for their hospitality, it was time to become independent. For nearly four months the Croneys hosted our horses and our temporary RV on their property until we could find a permanent home and get it ready for the horses. After finding a place just 3 miles from our wonderful friends, we went to work getting it ready for winter weather and horses.

I’m thankful for the amount of work we accomplished in such a short time. We had the house re-roofed and a perimeter fence put in. The contractors were incredible and did a beautiful job. As soon as the perimeter fence was done and we could completely enclose the property, we were ready to bring the horses home. Duke, Wendy, Mark, and I worked together and got the shelter and inner fencing 90% done. Just a few final details and we were set.

Bringing the horses home was a blessing! Hearing their whinnies as they greeted the neighbor horses and seeing them out the bedroom window when I woke up was something I’ve previously taken for granted. Not anymore!

I’ve come to realize that things work out if we follow our dreams and purpose. I look forward to getting up to speed with The Northwest Horse Source now that the move is behind us. We’re settled in and ready to continue giving you the best information to care for your horses and enjoy living the equestrian lifestyle.

Since this is our wellness issue, I felt it important to encourage you to follow your heart and believe you can do what you’re passionate about. It’s essential to our well-being. I’ve lived near the ocean my entire life and while I do feel waves of homesickness, I’m ready to learn about life in the mountains. The summer storms are powerful but short, and the amount of sunshine brightens my days.

This month our cover story is about a veterinarian who promotes a wellness product for horses. Don’t miss this story on page 6 of the digital edition. It will inspire you to take better care of your horse.

Please enjoy this issue and thank you for your patience during this transition and adjustment to moving our home, business, and horses to Colorado. I do miss seeing everyone, but technology allows us to easily keep in touch. For now, have a great autumn and enjoy those ponies!


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October 2021

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