Comfort Gut

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Comfort GutSupport for performance, high stress and heavily travelled horses; older horses and after oral medication.

The integrity of your horse’s stomach can be overwhelmed by gastric acid during times of stress, travel, and intense training or competition, or dealing with compromised health. Comfort Gut can play a role in helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels and can be fed long term without disrupting acid production which is required for normal break down of food for digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Clients report that they feel Comfort Gut contributes to better utilisation of feed with performance horses, those under stress and hard work, hard keepers and older horses.

Comfort Gut is mildly alkaline, ultra small pored, very low ash, vegetal carbon, designed specifically for feeding which adsorbs (binds to) toxins in the digestive tract like excess acid and eliminates it from the horse’s system in the manure.

Comfort Gut

Comfort Gut

No Fillers – No Sugars or molasses – Non-GMO – No Herbicides or Insecticides – No Protein

Registered with Health Canada’s Low-Risk Veterinary Products Program

Comfort Gut

Comfort Gut

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