Children of St. Jude Hospital Meet Disney’s Black Beauty Star, Filmmaker, and a Very Special Horse

Mackenzie Foy, the star of Disney’s Black Beauty and film director Ashley Avis hosted a memorable virtual experience with the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This special event was put on by The Wild Beauty Foundation.

They introduced the patients to Ghost, a horse battling advanced melanoma, whose calming spirit brings people peace and happiness.  Ghost met the kids over a live immersive Zoom along with his trainer, Alexandra Saidac, performing in a bareback demonstration and showing off his love for apples, carrots, and watermelon.

Ashley, who founded The Wild Beauty Foundation after writing and directing Black Beauty, and Mackenzie, who is an official Ambassador, did a Q&A with the children.  They discussed the making of the film, their love of horses, and the timeless messages of Anna Sewell’s classic text, such as the importance of empathy and compassion.

The day wrapped up with a round of applause for Ghost, who’s head sprung up with pride.

“It was like he knew what this day was all about,” states Ashley.  “Ghost came into our lives about a year ago, and he is one of the kindest, most intelligent horses I’ve ever met.  We knew he was the perfect Ambassador Horse to do programs like this for children.”

“This event with St. Jude and The Wild Beauty Foundation is really special,” says Mackenzie Foy.  “Horses have a very unique healing power within them.  You feel better, you feel happy, and just calm within yourself.  And bringing the peace and happiness of a horse to the kids— I’m just really glad we got to do this today.”

Ghost has now begun “writing letters” to the children, and even has his own email address.  [email protected]



The Wild Beauty Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by filmmakers Ashley Avis and Edward Winters.  WBF is dedicated to illuminating key issues that wild and domestic horses are facing today— while bringing the incredible world of horses, and the values they represent, to children and families.

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“A Day With a Horse Called Ghost”   Watch Video


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