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July 2017
Photo courtesy Bull Hill Guest Ranch

Peter Ansaldo left Italy in 1900 in search of a new life in America. He made it as far as Butte, Montana where Peter worked in the mines until he saved enough money to send for his wife, Mary, still in Italy. They had two daughters, Lena and Katherine while living in Butte.

Two years later Peter was suffering from black lung. His doctor suggested he move to an area with an abundance of trees. Peter reviewed the homestead claims listings for the area and decided to head for Washington, bringing with him a Hereford bull, Curly, the first and only Hereford bull in the area. He staked claim on the land and built a homestead on Ansaldo Lake and there began the cattle ranch that is now Bull Hill.

In 1995, brothers Don and Pete Gugliemino (great-grandsons of Peter Ansaldo) started a guest ranch alongside the cattle ranch. Beginning with only the cookhouse, several horses, a few tents, and working out of the old barn, Bull Hill Guest Ranch has grown into what you see today and still continues to host guests.

Bull Hill Guest Ranch combines old west ambiance and activities with spacious accommodations in a scenic mountain setting. The 50,000-acre, 106-year-old ranch combines tradition with 21st century amenities near Kettle Falls, Washington. Northwest families can load up and head out on excursions that include cattle drives, trail riding, hearty meals, western-themed accommodations, and friendly hosts packaged in an all-inclusive daily rate that makes for a memorable experience.

Cattle drives and the best in trail riding

Horse lovers may enjoy the opportunity to take part in an authentic cattle drive. Lasting anywhere from a half day to a full day, the drives typically occur between May and October when the cattle are driven to spring grass areas or upper pastures throughout the summer and early fall months, before they are driven back to the ranch. Beginning to advanced riders are welcome, although riders should have the ability to ride with complete confidence.

Guests looking for a more relaxing riding experience can saddle up one of the ranch’s more than 70 horses for a scenic, guided trail ride. Available from April through October, the two-hour (or longer) trail rides combine breathtaking views of nearby Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River with a variety of terrain. Riders can even hit the trail to visit the nearby China Bend Winery—on the shores of the Columbia—to sample selections in the tasting room, or enjoy a cold brew in the lively atmosphere of the Crown Creek Saloon.

The ranch is only a six to seven-hour drive from Seattle and two hours from Spokane. For private pilots of small planes, Bull Hill is easily accessible by air using the ranch’s own 2,400- foot airstrip.

Learn more at https://bullhill.com


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