Bring Back the Print?

Multiple Inquiries Bring Back Possibilities

In December we made a quick decision to drop the print publication. In retrospect I realized that we didn’t give our readers much time to decide whether they wanted to have the magazine delivered to their doorstep each month. We needed 2200 subscribers at $5/month to make this a reality. Numerous phone calls have prompted me to revisit our decision to stop the print.

If you, our viewers, and readers, would like to see the printed magazine again, help us spread the word. Share this with your clubs and organizations so we can bring the printed copy back. It will allow us to offer free editorial to the clubs that have the most member support of the magazine. This will only work if we get the quantity of subscribers needed to make this a possibility. As a subscriber you will get the magazine delivered to your door each month. We will bring back the monthly subscriber drawings for those on the list for a chance to win coupons, horse products, books and more. For now, we are offering the digital edition at no charge.

We currently have 133 people on the list of people interested in subscribing. Here’s how you can help:

Pre-order today. No purchase necessary. We will notify you when we have enough commitments. Remember! 2200 is the magic number.

Start supporting today. This gives us a better idea of who will support the Northwest Horse Source long term.

Your contribution will allow us to keep supporting our local horse industry. Our goal is to get enough subscribers so we can offer more content without having to rely solely on sponsorships and advertising. I would like to be reader driven, rather than advertising driven. If this makes sense to you, please make your commitment or contribution today!

Thank you in advance. We look forward to bringing the print back. If not, we will continue to offer the digital edition and online content.

I would love your comments and feedback. Please let me know if we’re doing a good job and where we can improve!



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