Book Review: The True Story of Quintilius

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New Book and Trading Cards Featuring the Chincoteague Pony

by Lois Szymanski


December 2014The newborn foal peered at Caroline from her computer screen. This was the foal she knew she had to buy. Caroline had worked hard and saved all her money to buy a wild Chincoteague pony foal and now she had fallen in love with the right one. She’d even named him “Quintilius” for the star that shone over the baby Jesus in the manger long ago. After she arrived on Chincoteague Island, Caroline volunteered for The Feather Fund and helped tag foals with the saltwater cowboys. Now, after all her hard work, the saltwater cowboys had labeled her foal—her Quintilus—for return to the island. Caroline couldn’t even consider taking home another foal. How could things be turned around so that she could bring her foal home? Or, would she lose this dream forever? Soft cover book available through Schiffer Books for $14.99 (

December 2014As a companion to the story, learn specific details about additional members of the herd of wild Chincoteague Ponies on Assateague Island by collecting and trading this second set in the popular series of Chincoteague Pony trading cards. As with the previous set, every pony has a name, a story and a look of his or her own. Available for $19.99 through Schiffer Books.


Originally Published December 2014 Issue


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