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Book Review–The Horseman’s Guide to Tack and Equipment

Book Review–The Horseman’s Guide to Tack and Equipment
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By: A Western Horseman book by Cynthia McFarlan



Horse gear must fit well to function well with the horse’s body and movement. That’s the perspective top horseman take when considering gear and equipment.

This book is not a buyer’s guide. It’s a user’s guide that explains the hows and whys so you can effectively use your equipment. A collection of top horsemen and equipment makers share their expertise. The Horseman’s Guide to Tack and Equipment will help you improve your choices so that you and your horse can have a great ride!

Contributors include: Roger Allgeier, Tom Balding, Martin Black, Craig Cameron, Chris Cox, Al Dunning, Ted Robinson, Les Vogt, and many more! 192 pages with more than 200 photographs and illustrations.

Available from Western Horsemen at for $24.95.

NWHS Publisher’s Review

This paperback is beautifully illustrated with everything from how saddles are made to halters and knot tying. It was released in July of 2013 but is still a timeless book for everything to do with tack.

Karen Pickering


Published June 2018 Issue




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