Book Review: Rain Shadow

Women’s Fiction: Inspired, in Part, by an Incredible True Story

by Catherine Madera


November 2014Set in the Pacific Northwest, Rain Shadow tells the tale of an abandoned, savagely wounded mare that forms a bond with a lonely young woman—Taylor—who struggles to rebuild her life after suffering devastating rejection and loss. The mare’s outward appearance a mirror of her inward condition, Taylor finds hope in her uncanny connection to the horse that survived against all odds. Facing challenges together, the two forge a healing bond of friendship and discover that love—and second chances—blossom in unlikely places. Book is available Amazon:  hard copy—$9.99 and Kindle edition—$5.99.

Reader review from Amazon: I read extensively across many genres. Some books leave me satisfied, some enriched, and then there are those that lift me and fill me with a measure of light. Rain Shadow is one of those rare and choice books. I could speak on the fine quality of character development, the gentle theme nestled in the title that threads through the pages, or the excellent writing. I choose to simply leave you with how this book affected me: it nourished my mind, heart and soul with light. Catherine Madera, thank you.

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Originally Published November 2014 Issue

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