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Barn Pros
Catherine Madera

Beauty in the Details

by Catherine Madera


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“A warm welcome from Barn Pros.” Photo credit Barn Pros

German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is credited with coining the phrase, “God is in the details.” Known for his passion for creating functional buildings without sacrificing beauty, Mies believed details were important. He would no doubt appreciate Barn Pros, the premier manufacturer of pre-engineered structures. Since 1987, this Monroe, WA based company has been helping horse lovers across the country build their dream barns, down to each and every detail. 

Where the Customer is still King

Over the last 25 years, Barn Pros has perfected a unique approach to the often frustrating and expensive process of building a structure. Instead of facing a frustrating maze of hiring architects, preparing a site, and purchasing materials, customers are first led through a careful process of choosing a structure to meet their specific needs. Cost of a kit for a home, barn, barn/apartment combo, arena, or retro fit kit for an existing structure is extremely predictable and can be shipped to a building site in as little as two weeks. The kit is engineered specific to site needs and includes top-of-the-line materials—tongue and groove siding made of spruce, Douglas fir, and cedar and rustic hardware. There are near endless ways to customize an individual package and Barn Pros offers a limited lifetime guarantee on the building. Barn remodel

Photo credit Barn Pros

When it comes time for assembly, customers have complete flexibility to work with a builder of their choice and Barn Pros can help locate a professional. For those who wish to do it themselves, the Barn Pros Builder Support Department is available for any questions that arise during the process. Barn Pros’ approach to customer service maintains the spirit of “barn raising,” a common community service in rural America during the 18th and19th century. With an extensive menu of products and services to support its high quality kits, Barn Pros ensures a customer is never alone in the process of realizing a dream. 

We look to fulfill the needs and desires of our customers,” says Justin Harries, business development manager at Barn Pros. “We’re dedicated to continually evolving and developing total solution options for our customers.”

Typically, when a barn is built the contractor moves on. Not so for Barn Pros. The company is passionate about becoming a “one stop shop” for the horse owner, offering cost-effective and creative solutions to caring for horses that go well beyond the building of a beautiful barn. As a customer’s dream building evolves, Barn Pros is there for needs that may arise in the process.

Innovative Details

Barn Pros has repeatedly proven its dedication to excellence by forming partnerships with other northwest companies to offer the best in products and services. From the Paragon Composting System to the most recent addition—the iFEED customizable feeding system—Barn Pros continues to value and promote sound stewardship and husbandry.

“What we’re trying to do is create more health conscious options for horses and their owners,” says Harries. “We’re working with the best companies in the industry.”

There are many companies offering healthy options for horse management in the region and Barn Pros has partnered with several of them. The addition of the Paragon Composting System will turn mountains of manure into black gold in about 45 days and a more recent partner, the iFEED continual feeding system supports equine health by managing horses more naturally, in a continuous “grazing” environment. Developed in Europe, iFEED is a family-owned company now located in western WA and uniquely available through Barn Pros. This system has a patented, no clog feed dispersal system unlike any other on the market. Fully programmable, it can provide up to 48 small feedings in 24 hours ensuring better horse health and a reduction in stall vices and anxiety due to boredom. Two major veterinary hospitals in the northwest are currently testing its long term effectiveness on horses with specific feeding needs.

Photo credit Barn Pros

Barn Pros believes a beautifully detailed barn shouldn’t be hard on the environment and is committed to the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” The lighting systems available through Barn Pros are one example of how the company maintains a conservation mindset. Lighting is specially designed for wet locations and features the latest in energy saving technology—60 % more light while using 40% less power. A beautiful lighting option, tailor made for the pacific northwest by Barn Pros, is featured in the only complete wash and groom stall package on the market. Put it in a new barn, or add it to an existing structure for about $2,500. The wash package is just one of many options available to upgrade an existing structure and “re-use” what is currently on your horse property. 

Made In America

In a tight economy, loyalty to American made products evaporates when the emphasis is only on the bottom line. While Barn Pros is committed to keeping costs down, they support business in their own “back yard” as well as nationally by buying from home whenever possible. Peruse the catalog and you’re likely to notice many American companies such as Ritchie Industries livestock watering systems. Since the early 1900s, this Iowa-based company has been making the finest stainless steel and plastic heated/non-heated waterers. A float-style system, Ritchie waterers are extremely robust and have a metering system to track gallons of water used. HoofGrid, the original solution for excess mud in paddocks and turn-out areas, is another example of an American product—made with recycled materials—offered through Barn Pros. Need help managing pastures? Purchase high quality Rankin farm equipment and implements to complement your new or refurbished barn. Located in Washington State, Rankin Equipment Company is recognized as a leader in the industry, serving the Pacific Northwest for 50 years.

Does your American Dream include a barn? You’ll be surprised at how affordable—and beautiful—it can be when Barn Pros is in the details. 

For more information about Barn Pros including testimonials, photos, and video, visit their new website at or call 866-844-2276. Extensive catalog of products and services available.


Published March 2013 Issue


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