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About the Prize and Sponsor – EquestriSafe


EquestriSafe Double Sleeve ID Collar

This collar was primarily designed with campers and hunters in mind, however no barding facility, large equestrian facility, veterinary hospital, mare recipient or plasma farm should be without hanging in the barn. These collars have approx. 100-150 pound breakaway with double closure hook/loop system; they also are adjustable from 2-3″ increase/decrease. The bright orange collar makes easy identification for a quicker, easy to read method of identifying your horse from others and has a 4″ and 9″ plastic pocket for all your important contact information so you may be contacted quickly should your horse get lost in a crisis situation.
Use the smaller pocket for your GPS location when hunting/camping, mare & foal ID numbers, Horses’ passport/file number, etc., the uses are almost limitless.

This item should be a MUST HAVE in emergency and/or evacuation situations, or at least hanging in your own trailer or barn for the inevitable “just in case” moment.


2 -Plastic sleeves
Easy to apply
Highly visible

Secure information

Water resistant
Quick release
Variety of uses
No hair loss
Various sizes available


Small: 27″ – mini’s, pony, small Arabians or other small breeds
Standard: 33″ – Most all standard breeds
XL/DRAFT: 42″ – Most all Draft breeds, other large breeds, draft X

Other uses:
Camping, hunting, transporting/traveling, veterinary hospitals, mare recipient farms, plasma farms, evacuations/emergencies etc.

Additional Info:
Thickness of 0.07 to 0.075 of an inch
Melting point of 380 degree Fahrenheit


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