Annual Super Pooper Fundraiser and Potluck

Annual Super Pooper Fundraiser and Potluck

A New Foal and Familiar Faces Equal Lots of Fun for ABHA


July 2014

Photo courtesy Trish Vranish

April and May proved to be busy months for the ABHA. In April, the ABHA had a booth at the Idaho Horse Expo and all enjoyed a great time meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. In May, we held our annual Super Pooper Bowl Fundraiser/Potluck.

At this time we were introduced to a new member of the American Blazer family – a colt born 1 week prior to the popular event. The fundraiser was held at the home of Trish Vranish, proud owner of the new colt. After a wonderful potluck dinner, we waited for the horses to mark the bingo spot to pick the winner. The boards filled up and door prizes were won; at the end of the evening the top winner for both of the raffle boards was Bessie Fletcher. Congratulations, Bessie!

If you are interested in participating in next year’s Super Pooper Bowl, or other ABHA events, please visit our events page on our website, Ultimately, the most enjoyment comes from meeting and spending time with other Blazer horse owners. We look forward to growing our association as it gives us opportunities to meet more people who share our love for the American Blazer Horse. For more information visit


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