Announcement: NW Horse Source Magazine is going all digital!

We’ve decided to stop the print publication with our January 2021 issue. More readers are heading online, so we’ve risen to the occasion! Our readers appreciate the collection of articles in our digital magazine so we’re continuing to provide ads with our quality editorial. We will have many new features coming such as, video, slideshows, audio and more. Your ads will be visible indefinitely and less money per month with nearly as many eyeballs on your ads!

The Basics:

Digital Edition. Have a look at our latest edition. The cool thing…these stay up indefinitely. Ads are hyperlinked to your website.

Quick Rundown on Rates:

  • Full page: $312
  • 1/2 page: $197
  • 1/4 page: $125
  • EM: $25  (Equine Marketplace)
  • Interstitial Page: $500 (Has its own page in the browser window)
  • Presentation Page: $500 (Across from Front Cover).

Frequency discounts apply: 10% for 6x insertion, 15% for 12x insertion.

May is our Recreational Riding Issue (Deadline April 5th)

Check out our other digital options. Here’s a link to our online advertising rates.

Bonus! Right now we have a 1400 wide x 400 tall (pixel) Banner that runs across the top of our homepage in rotation with 3 other ads. It’s an introductory offer of $375/month. Super buy since we’ve had over 1 million ad impressions overall for our advertisers (above the scroll) since March.

No changes in ad submissions!
Standard ad sizes for display apply. 2021 Specifications


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