Animal Health Solutions Incorporated Produces Innovative Animal Supplements


Animal Health Solutions Incorporated

Russ Paulson’s Passion for Animals Drives Success of Equerry’s Product Line

Animal owners want supplements to provide nutrients that keep our animals healthy and solve the wellness issues our animals struggle with. We need supplement companies that stand behind their products with integrity, use innovative scientific research, and are compassionate about animals. We want products that deliver results from companies who listen.

Animal Health Solutions Incorporated

The key to success in business is to fulfill a common need. Animal Health Solutions Inc. and Equerry’s have joined together to provide animal health products that deliver the highest quality nutrition possible for the health and well-being of our pets and livestock.

Animal Health Solutions IncorporatedRuss Paulson was working in the animal health industry when he became aware of a company that aligned with his inherent values about animals and family. Equerry’s, a company that had been in business for nearly 30 years and had built their success on creating unique and innovative products, became his home. After talking with the owner and discovering that their science-based nutritional philosophies aligned, he went to work for them and eventually purchased the company. Paulson’s passion for animals had finally become his life’s purpose.

Animal Health Solutions IncorporatedPaulson discovered many supplement companies weren’t addressing digestive health requirements in animals. Science is finding the correlation between overall health, nutrient absorption, and the role of digestive health more and more relevant. With such an integral piece missing, Paulson set out to improve the health and well-being of all animals by addressing this deficit and providing more comprehensive care.

Paulson recognized a common need and has developed a line of animal health products that include the highest quality nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as well as digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. These products have proved successful and beneficial to animals.

Animal Health Solutions Incorporated

Animal Health Solutions Incorporated has a growing list of satisfied and dedicated customers and boasts many success stories. Paulson’s passion for animals gave him the purpose and drive to improve the health and performance of animals both large and small—and he did. Horses, cattle, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and more all benefit from the products developed, manufactured and distributed by Animal Health Solutions Incorporated.

For more information visit: www.animalhealthsolutionsinc.com/default.aspx

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