A Shot of Convenience

If you spend any time working cattle—whether on a ranch or in the roping pen—your cattle prod is an essential tool. You know the frustration of being empty handed in the middle of vaccinating, moving a herd, or loading the roping chute. That must-have tool can get left in a hundred different places and leave you wondering where the heck it went! Valuable time is wasted every year searching for the missing cattle prod!

Classic Rope has a new solution to keep your cattle prod within hands reach: the Magnetic Cattle Prod Holder.

This easy-to-use device consists of a durable and protective sleeve that secures around your cattle prod’s battery pack. The smart design houses powerful magnets that aggressively and securely stick to any steel surface—everything from roping chutes to panels, metal fences, and even to the side of your truck or trailer. This means you’ll always know where to find your cattle prod, especially in the middle of a high-stress situation.

The magnetic cattle prod holder is suitable for almost any electric prod device. Keep your cattle prod securely protected and within arm’s reach when you work your herd. Find this and other trusted Classic Rope products at your favorite authorized retailer. For more information and to locate a dealer nearest you, visit www.ClassicRope.com.


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