Poem – A Girl’s First Love



A Girl’s First Love

by Annie L. Kaufman

Used with permission by author


A Girl's First Love

There was a girl who had a love

of swishing shimmering tails flagging high

of manes rebounding, reaching above

and hooves flying to the sky


She longed to be in that scene

Till one birthday it came true

mounted, looking ’round serene

while horse prancing primly blew


Dismounting, her glory shone about,

then lady of years untold

gently said, “You had a hold,

but not a seat – yet put a smile not a pout”


Years down the long long road

Came riding in experienced stature

graceful flowing with the horse showed,

she now had a seat and more for sure


Yet that is not all she had

as she wore a bright sunny grin

Not from pleasure I must ad

But from love that spouted within


For that one companion, the ever faithful one,

the one that loved and now bore her,

the one with which she always had fun

Of course, the proud strong horse covered in fur

A Girl's First Love

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