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Horse owner spotlight!

Whatcom Conservation District Can Help!Growing up on a Raspberry Farm in Lynden WA, Caitlin Honcoop had plenty of experience with rural land management. But, her perspective shifted when she and her husband Jonathon purchased their own five acres in Ferndale.

 “Managing our own land was overwhelming at first, and working with the Conservation District helped us to develop a plan that feels sustainable and manageable.”

Caitlin and Jonathon began attending the monthly Whatcom Farm Speaker Series workshops to contemplate what direction to take next with their small farm. Since then, they have taken advantage of the Conservation District’s free and confidential custom planning services, pasture soil test, and manure spreader loan.


What are your farm goals? Whatcom CD can help!

Whatcom Conservation District Can Help!Join Whatcom Conservation District on Tuesday, October 15th from 6-8 pm at the WECU community room in Ferndale for a free Farm Speakers Series workshop: Farm Funding Opportunities. Make direct connections with funding agencies and hear from a panel of local farmers about their successful grant and financing applications. Get all your questions answered in face-to-face interactions with representatives from local, state and federal grant programs, farm incubator programs, and commercial or private foundations.

Attending a Farm Speaker Series Workshop is the first step towards your $200 rebate for barn gutters or heavy use area footing. Always Free, Always Fun, Always In-FARMative!! Visit: https://www.whatcomcd.org/speaker-series


Are you ready for the Fall? Whatcom CD can help!

Whatcom Conservation District Can Help!Follow these tips to improve animal health and chore efficiency before the rainy season:

  • Avoid overgrazing as grass growth slows. Overgrazing can lead to soil compaction.
  • Make plans to move animals from pastures that become saturated. Animals on wet fields can compact and damage pastures.
  • Check and repair gutters, and downspouts or install barn gutters if you don’t have them. Diverting roof water away from heavy use or manured areas can improve animal health. Whatcom CD has $200 rebates!
  • Cover manure storage or compost system with a tarp or roof structure. This preserves your hard-earned nutrients and reduces runoff from your farm. Whatcom CD has free tarps for you!


Contact the Whatcom CD (360) 526-2381 or wcd@whatcomcd.org

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